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The True Canadian Trailer Manufacturing Company
 Last, but not least, we are one of Canada’s only major manufacturers to do a tri-pull tongue that runs all the way back to the axles for added strength and structure.
None of our trailers come equipped with a single-pull tongue like you see on some of the cheaper competitor’s trailers as your safety is our biggest concern - so big or small they all come equipped with tri-pull tongues.
At Beckner Trailers we take pride in being the Canadian leader in trailer manufacturing.

We do not use pressure treated plywood as the chemical will destroy your investment so we ask you to please be careful when purchasing your new trailer and Always compare apples to apples.

Every manufacturer builds a great product, even our closest Canadian competitor’s but it always depends on the usage - so when you’re looking for your next trailer look no further, as Beckner Trailers has you covered.
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